Cindy Starfall’s New Video “Delivery Guy”


Devils Film is pushing a new video starring Cindy Starfall and Chris Strokes. It’s called “Delivery Guy” and has been available since Dec 15th.

Cindy is at home waiting for her food to be deliveredwhen she decides to jump into the shower. Right whenshe gets undressed she hears a knock at the door.When she opens she sees the delivery guy holding thiscrushed bag. When she grabs the bag her towel drops.The guys just stands there doing nothing. She asks himhow long he has been working at the restaurant, whenhe pronounces the name incorrect. She helps him sayPHO correctly. Helping him with his lip placementhe then helps her with her ‘lip placement’

Previews of photos related to “Delivery Guy” with Cindy Starfall:

Cindy Starfall: Delivery Guy - 1

Cindy Starfall: Delivery Guy - 2

Cindy Starfall: Delivery Guy - 3

Cindy Starfall: Delivery Guy - 4

Cindy Starfall: Delivery Guy - 5

If you’re a member of Devils Film then have fun with the full update! If not there is a trailer here.